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Frequently Asked Questions









What is the currency of the travel voucher?

The travel voucher is in Canadian dollars.  All the prizes are in Canadian Dollars.


Does it matter where I live to be able to use the travel voucher?

You can live anywhere.  However, you must use Trent, (705) 324-2301 to make your travel plans.


How long do you have to use the travel voucher?

You have until December 31st of the year in which the draw occured.  For example, if the draw was held on January 16, 2020, you then have until December 31st, 2020 to spend the travel voucher.


Can more than one name be listed on the ticket?

Yes, however the winner of the draw prize (a person older than 18 years of age) must be the person to claim the prize. 


Is the travel voucher just good for flights?

No, in addition to flights, the travel voucher can be used for vacation packages any travel related expense.  You can book a cruise, accommodations, an all inclusive vacation package, car rental, transfers to and from the airport, excursions i.e. any travel expense related to your trip.  Keep in mind all arrangements must be booked through Trent Travel, 87 Kent St West, Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 2Y5 (705) 324-2301 or email


Does the travel voucher have to be used all at once?

No, you can plan more than one trip within the year.


Must the travel voucher be used by just one person?

No, the trip can be for more than one person.


What if the planned vacation cost more than the $5,000 travel voucher?

You would have to pay the difference.  However, you could use your VISA Gift Card prize ($2,000) to pay for any additional costs.


Can I take cash instead of the travel voucher?

No, the travel voucher can not be redeemed for cash.